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As a Data Analyst, I am passionate about using data to improve business operations. My entrepreneurial and architectural experience along with my autodidactic approach help me to see business challenges and opportunities from multiple viewpoints; this dynamic perspective helps me identify unique solutions. I am a team player who thrives with minimal supervision.



Capgemini, Cincinnati OH

Project Lead Developer – March, 2019 – Present

Responsibilities: Level 3 support for Tier 1 business applications in the aviation manufacturing space. I am responsible for coordinating testing and development for break-fixes and new feature creations. I also facilitate cross-team/vendor upgrades of the tech stack.

  • Increase testing speed which resulted in record testing times and accuracy
  • Reduce reporting time by creating a real-time dashboard for cross-team communication of upgrade process
  • I provide user training and documentation to improve business operations
  • I maintain a project management dashboard for development projects for onshore/offshore team
  • On-site PM support for go-lives during the upgrade process including user support and training for updated applications, processes, and documentation.
  • Tech stack: Apache, RedHat, Oracle 12c and Oracle Forms, Python, Java, JavaScript

Pink House, Denver CO

Senior Manager, Developer – September 2009 – March 2019

Responsibilities: Manage the complete data pipeline including quarterly/annual financial presentations, ad-hoc reporting, and building KPI dashboards for executives, sales team and operations. I also led the business requirements gathering and process (re)engineering team.

  • Built from start-up to $5.5MM annual revenue
  • Built seven sales, distribution, and production facilities using ERP and automated database management tools
  • Reduced labor costs by 40% in production facilities using lean principles
  • Project Manager for technical training programs across all divisions
  • Developed and managed data quality, regulatory compliance processes, and standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Created Excel/Google Sheets macros to manage inventory, regulatory tracking, KPIs
  • Migrated Excel data collection to a MySQL database, using Python for data pipeline
  • Tableau and Google Apps for BI data visualization for executive decision makers

Business Development People, Denver CO

Senior Designer and Developer – September 2001 – PRESENT

Responsibilities: Manage client project from conception to production; web and content development; develop business and training processes to match business use cases; develop data pipeline management tools

  • Business Manager and founder of a gourmet food cart
  • Built distribution system and business intelligence tools for local retailer growing sales 20% annually
  • Built online e-commerce presence for a sustainable textile studio start-up
  • Hands-on product management, product development, business intelligence, and training SOPs for start-ups
  • Created a progressive Human Resources system for 100+ employees
  • Developed SQL based web app for oil and gas reporting and analysis
  • Training for Excel, Microsoft Suite, and Google Apps

TR Operating, Denver CO

Senior Data Specialist – November 2005 – September 2009

Responsibilities: Researching and extracting data for analysis from multiple data sources including geological and spatial data warehouses; data processing and data presentation and visualization for private equity investment

  • Company Co-Founder; raised $250 million in private equity
  • Utilized Excel/Google Sheets pivot tables and scripts to identify and evaluate opportunities
  • Conducted data analysis to identify business opportunities resulting in 24X ROI
  • Created a cutting-edge oil and gas business focused on reducing CO2 in the atmosphere

CharterSills, Champaign, IL

Data Specialist – April 1998 to December 2004

Responsibilities: Managing Windows Server, data entry and QA, Executive Support

  • Developed MS Access Database for lighting manufacturer data to improve the search process
  • Data Entry and Data Labelling to digitize Manufacturing Data
  • Installed and managed Windows Server, increasing office productivity 20%


University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Bachelor of Science – Feb 1996 – Dec  2000

  • Architecture Major with a focus on efficiency in land use design
  • Business Minor with a focus on business start-ups

Army National Guard, Illinois

74B – Army Information Systems Operator-Analyst – Aug 1995 – Aug 2001

While in college, I served in the Army National Guard as a 74B. The technology available to the Army has expanded, but at the time I was trained in database management in the UNIX environment and was training in the use of computers in a networked warfare environment.


COVID-19 Data TrackingData management and developer support

Habitat for HumanityHouse Building, RE-Store

DataforDemocracy.orgworking to promote trust and understanding in data and technology.