Use Case

I am passionate about improving business operations using data, analysis, process re-engineering, and technology. My entrepreneurial and architectural experience along with my autodidactic approach helps me to see business challenges and opportunities from multiple viewpoints; this dynamic perspective facilitates the development of unique and focused solutions.



Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Windows, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services


Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Google Apps Script, HTML/HTML5, CSS, VBA


Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySql


Google Apps, Microsoft Office Suite, Tableau, Looker, Spotfire, Visio, Lucid Charts


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bachelor of Science

  • Major in Architecture
  • Minor in Business with a focus on start-ups
  • Studied urban planning and large system design
Self Guided Education

Massive Open Online Courses

  • Coursera - Python, JavaScript, Java
  • Pluralsight - Python, JavaScript, Java, Tableau
  • DataCamp - Python, SQL, Data Science




While working as the Senior Tableau Developer at Capgemini, I focused on report development and testing. I worked with stakeholders to establish and refine business requirements for phase 2 reporting while developing functional and technical documentation for the new system deployment. I also conducted data analysis and reporting support for phase 1 defect management.

As an Application Development Manager at Capgemini, my project was supporting and developing data applications for an energy transmission company. I provided tier 1 application support for the enterprise data lake using the Tibco Data Virtualization Platform and I built custom views and data pipelines. I also validated data and data sources.

While working as an Application Deployment Manager at Capgemini, I deployed Oracle workflow management applications for an aviation maintenance company. I was responsible for unit testing, debugging, and conducting root cause analysis for the application deployment while managing a team of developers responsible for break-fixes and new feature development. I also introduced project management tools that reduced time-to-market for new features by 15%. While managing onsite deployment, I developed documentation, and training for users.

The COVID Tracking Project


As a Data Engineering Manager at The COVID Tracking Project, my responsibilities included building data collection infrastructure and collecting testing data. During my time on the project, I managed a team of volunteers to collect and provide quality control for national COVID-19 data and developing data pipelines to integrate multiple data sources and reduce labor requirements by 25%. I also built Google web apps and Javascript bots for Slack to facilitate the cross-team collaboration of 200+ volunteers.

Business Development People

I was the Business Process Engineer at Business Development People, responsible for standardizing and improving business workflows. I was tasked with mapping existing business processes while analyzing for improvement opportunities. I researched emerging technologies to develop a technology roadmap that would transform the company into a leader in data management. I also reduced labor costs by 40% with new processes paired with data management tools.

As the Business Systems Analyst at Business Development People, my role was interpreting business rules and requirements for technical systems. I was managing monthly workgroup meetings with stakeholders to establish and develop business requirements and creating documentation for existing and new systems to improve training and retention. I also created a regulatory management system to reduce labor by 20% while increasing accuracy and transparency.

As the Business Analyst Manager at Business Development People, my responsibilities included identifying and modeling the client's business needs and opportunities. During my time on the project, I was using market research coupled with business modeling to support a 7x expansion plan. I was also collaborating with retail and manufacturing teams to build a technology roadmap focused on data-driven processes and developed an inventory management application that reduced distribution time by 30%.

While working as the Business Process Engineer at Business Development People, I focused on gathering business requirements and building the client's leadership team. I was working with stakeholders to establish business requirements to improve the customer experience and developing new business processes to reduce waste by 20%. I also recruited and trained the management team to execute the enhanced business model.

As the Business Development Analyst at Business Development People, my role was developing a retail business model for a start-up. I conducted market research to establish business strategies and researched business process standards to establish operational requirements. I also managed stakeholder workshops to develop a business plan that would be used to raise capital.

TR Operating

As the Business Intelligence Engineer at TR Operating, my responsibilities included building investment models for enhanced oil recovery projects. During my time on the project, I was translating engineering models into financial models and building re-usable excel templates for project financing analysis. I also helped raise capital from a private equity fund, ultimately selling the company at 23x our investment.

I was the Lead Data Engineer at TR Operating, responsible for digitizing and cataloging historical geological data. Tasked with converting and annotating historical drilling data into useful data. I was in charge of building geological models using the digitized data, which reduced time-to-market for prospect analysis by 50%. I also created an automated pipeline to clean data for the engineering team.


While working as the Data Specialist at CharterSills, I focused on developing a Microsoft Access Search application and database. I was digitizing and cataloging manufacturer product catalogs and creating a custom search application to improve the design process. I also modernized the engineering process using cutting edge software combined with data analysis.

As the IT Manager at CharterSills, my responsibilities included deploying a Windows Server along with a new company intranet. During my time on the project, I was designing and implementing an IT infrastructure expansion plan that improved employee efficiency by +10%. I was also providing user training and technical support while installing and maintaining software and office equipment.