Denver Crime, Part 2

As I continue to analyze the crime data for Denver, I have been looking at useful ways to visualize the data. Socrata is a great platform that is focused on delivering this data to the consumer.

There are a few websites that utilize the same crime data where you can see individual crimes pinpointed, or summary statistics benchmarked against national data.

Location-specific crime data, good drill down and comparisons:

Zip code based, benchmarked against national crime rates:

Neighborhood-based, details behind a paywall:

Lots of visuals, sorted by crime type, yearly:

Average monthly crime by neighborhood

My previous chart of daily crime was too granular for most uses, so I charted a rolling mean [window=3] of the monthly crime by neighborhood. While it may be an obvious outcome, the chart says that crime is higher in the summer. Eg, cold weather is a larger deterrent of crime than the police.

Daily crime by neighborhood [Box Plot]

Leveraging the Plotly library again, I created a box blot of the daily crime for the five years of data made available.

max_index = list(df_neighborhood_month.max().sort_values(ascending=False).index)

trace_names = list(max_index)
traces = []
for trace in trace_names:
    traces.append(go.Box(y=df_neighborhood[trace].values, name=trace))

data = traces

Monthly crime by neighborhood [Box Plot]

The ease of the plotly library makes each plot extremely interactive and minimal coding efforts. The following code generates a box plot of the monthly crime for the last five years.

trace_names = list(max_index)
traces = []
for trace in trace_names:
    traces.append(go.Box(y=df_neighborhood_month[trace].values, name=trace))

data = traces

Crime heatmap for the last 30 days

I scrubbed the data to exclude traffic tickets so that I could visualize where the crime was happening. I selected 30 days from the last update to create a snapshot of crime in Denver.

The HTML version of this map loads very slowly, so I am providing a picture of the results with a link. Next on the to-do-list is to host all of this data processing on a live python site, which should be much faster and more interactive.

Google Maps – Denver Crime Heat Map (Loads Very Slow)

JupyterLab Notebook

All of the code work was done using Jupyter Labs notebook. You can find the file on my github repo.

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